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    unwanted experiences can haunt us like mad..
    sometimes if we need to figure things out for ourselves it’s best to only describe it—instead of explaining it.
    In that spirit we are not defining or analyzing anything.
    to think we know the truth by putting a label on it, is not accurate. we would only let our story get in the way of our ability to see the whole thing fully.

    as a yoga teacher you need to find your own voice and your own words to express the uniqueness of your being. to help you as a teacher to express more of YOU i designed the mentorship program THRIVE- fueled by passion. a 20 hours course in a small group to receive optimal mentoring on different subjects. from 7-9. of august (in Hamburg) we will dive into the art of articulation and accessing your voice. its all about connecting, clarity and expression. you will learn efficient instructions, the power of words, clarity of expression and some great formulas to make teaching more easy and less about searching for the right instructions. the great singer and vocal coach @kirbanu will teach 4 hours inside of this course to help access and improve the sound of your voice with a lot of heart and fun. to register, please check the THRIVE offering on my website www.annikaisterling.com. 💫
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    “trust is the union of intelligence and integrity” says my @yogiteaeurope teabag.
    trust for me is also a muscle.
    If it’s the trust in yourself, someone else or life in general- it’s something possible to train like the muscles of your belly, your butt or your arms. so in case you have lost it- just start your practice. a strong connection to your breath (integrity) and balancing poses on one foot or on your hands (like in handstand or bakasana) help to cultivate the quality of trust in yourself- especially if you take extra time on setting your foundation (intelligence). heart openers (like in cobra or camel pose) help you to open up the sensitive area of your heart again, where we often tend to shut down after painful or disappointing experiences where the trust is broken.
    your primary trust is in yourself and the trust in life and it’s unfoldings, once you establish that you will easier lean and trust on others as well.

    you ❤️

    never stop dreaming..
    as dreams will create your reality.

    on my way to austria 🇦🇹 meet me next weekend for 3 yoga workshops at @yogalicious_9020 in klagenfurt.
    saturday (4.7.) trust your intuition
    shapeshift to shapeshift
    sunday (5.7.)
    magic morning
    looking forward to two days of lots of yoga, mystic story telling, yoga therapy, mindfulness and rituals

    life is flawless..
    good or bad is human judgement

    ..thoughts are the language of the mind and feelings are the language of the body. they form our reality.
    be aware and choose wisely how you create your life. your intention forms your energy and if we continue to think and feel the same thing, our energy will follow our attention and we will simply repeat the past. in order to change the future, we need to change the pattern of thoughts and feelings. which is possible through changing the frequency of energy. #happiness, #freedom, #love, #gratitude and #empathy are higher #emotions, and emotions are energy in motion.