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    when we feel stressed our body responds by coming in a defensive position, which means that we hunch over and curl our shoulders forward. by opening the chest with a rolled blanket underneath your upper chest for 3-5 minutes you give a powerful contradiction to the body. which will also allow yourself to breathe deeper and relax the nervous system. more in how you can work with your breath is coming soon in my new program“JUST BREATHE!”. it’s for free! and will guide you through a whole week of breath work exercises to connect better to yourself, manage stress and emotions and improve lung and breathing capacity and physical health. interested? you can already sign up for the program by checking the box on this link http://eepurl.com/gQvqj also in my bio. you will receive an email with videos, instructions and informations via email to your home starting on 6th of april. 🙏🏻 the program will be in german. if you are interested in the same content in english- please let me know below. ❤️

    yesterday I had to cancel my second yoga retreat for this spring…and I so much looove doing and giving retreats..
    so much, that I even wrote a whole book about it!
    WOHLSEIN- YOGARETREATS FÜR ZU HAUSE with @kamphausen.media
    which especially in these times might be a nice tool for you to create your own retreat at home to refuel and restore.
    the book is divided in 5 different themes (trust, release, calming down, connection and happiness) for a total of 5 different retreat weekends. It leads you through the day with meditations, yoga practices, reflection, journaling, mantra, inspiration and even recipes (by my mum, who is the chef cook of my yogaretreats in germany ♥️).
    on top we filmed sequences with @yogaeasygermany for each weekend, so you even get to practice online if you like.
    you don’t have an account with yogaeasy yet? i am offering a month for free- just see the link in my bio. www.yogaeasy.de/coupon/annikaisterling ♥️
    well if you just missed a yoga retreat because it got canceled, are simply curious about it or are such a huge fan as me: i am giving away two copies of my book.
    just leave a message below why you would like to have the book and I will draw the two winners by thursday 3pm. ♥️♥️♥️

    I am super grateful for the practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness especially in a time like this. if you can’t go outside, use the practice to go inside. if you can’t connect with others, use your practice and connect within.
    @yogaeasygermany and me are offering you now one month free of „yoga online“ to discover this practice for yourself or deepen it if you are already a practitioner. simply use this code:
    www.yogaeasy.de/coupon/annikaisterling. (also in my bio) 🧘🏼‍♀️❤️
    as for many others this time is also not easy for yogateachers and yogastudioowners to keep up their businesses and spread their upflifting and inspirational work. please support your local teacher/ studio by keeping your monthly membership running and joining their new online services. download great yoga videos or stream classes like on @yogaeasygermany. some studios with high costs and rents to pay have a donation link on their website. If you can, please keep on supporting them, they will support you through those times ❤️

    routine and rituals never felt so important as now..!
    when our daily schedule shifts from a structured day to an unscheduled vacation at home, our minds have a lot of time and space to go wandering around. you probably noticed that there is a steady magnetic pull towards fear, worry and doubt if we let our thoughts run freely .. low frequency emotions which we are drawn to very easily.
    thoughts create our reality and therefore it’s going to be our most needed work right now to actively keep up a positive mindset.
    one helpful tool to keep your mind in healthy state is having a routine for when you get up, eat, sleep, do chores, maybe homework with the kids. and creating rituals like setting time for meditation, finding positive mantras and affirmation for the day, taking time to connect with your partner, kids, family or friends, maybe creating a vision board or planning the next steps for your career.
    the free time you got can be used for many creative processes. but it will only feel like free time when everything else is productively organized and your mind is kept in a positive state.
    one of my favorite tools for planning and organizing which combines productivity, fun and creativity is @momo.yoga, a software and plattform for yogateachers and studio-owners which helps me to promote my classes/privates/workshops, organize memberships, connect with my students, accept online payments with a very easy and user-friendly backend and many more features. in my story today I will tell you more about it. interested in trying it out? with this code: momo.yoga/annika — also in my bio— you can get a 2 month-free-trial session (instead of 1 month) and experience for yourself how @momo.yoga will help to minimize stress and bring everything back into balance. take a minute to check out their instagram feed and blog with many useful and inspiring tips ❤️ .
    #anzeige #yogasoftware #yoga #yogateacher #yogastudio

    being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage
    [Lao Tzu]

    be grateful and happy that certain things didn’t work out in life. sometimes we don’t know what we are being protected from or guided to. cultivate trust to move forward with a feeling of connection and security and the knowledge that everything that is meant for you will unfold itself with love.
    picture from the making of my book WOHLSEIN- Yogaretreats für zu Hause @mayartist

    things to leave behind..
    self-doubt, negative self-talk, self-sabotage, self-criticism, feeling unworthy, feeling not good enough, fear of rejection, wanting to please, unhealthy relationships, one-sided connections..

    use each new day, each new week, each new year to break away from unhealthy patterns. there is a new beginning always and in each potential moment. #useyourchance

    I have been writing a lot about our mindset, intentions and feelings lately. well, today I want to come back to the physical level of our being and the physical part of our practice, because it is truly powerful and can fully change your whole state of being. there are different approaches we can take to work on improving our life, change our habit patterns or find comfort to our current situation, which can be on a heart, mind or physical level. it’s good to know that those are all interconnected layers and will always influence and compound each other.
    so..lately I have been looking for finding my ground, creating internal stability and finding a source for new strength which brought me back to intensify my practice of standing yoga poses. even if somedays it might have been more tempting to lay on the mat and do a couple restorative yoga poses or simply meditate. the benefits of going into intense and strenuous standing poses are getting that feeling of connection to yourself on a deep and profound level, helping you to feel strong, balanced and capable of whatever life might challenge you with momentarily. today I encourage you to go and practice these simple and still hard poses which Iyengar called “donkey work” and which build the base of our physical yoga practice. find your ground and have a lovely saturday ❤️
    picture from my book “ANKOMMEN” with @kamphausen.media by @felix_matthies and @mayartist

    the world is not objective it’s purely subjective. everything in our life is formed, valued and categorized by our unique perceptions, interpretation and thoughts.
    we can change our reality by transforming those perceptions and thoughts.
    It’s on us if we see lack or abundance. it’s on us what we set our intentions on, what we are attentive to and what we expect.

    magic moment caught by 📷 @mia_takahara