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    into the weekend like..

    I bend so I don’t break. some things can be changed and some things can not. the yoga practice doesn’t teach us to fit ourselves to others’ ideals, but it does teach us to bend for balance. ⚖️☯️

    the eye is always caught by the light but the shadows have more to say. life in all is a mixture of light and shadow, calm and storm and it’s all good. it all has its place. embrace it. 🤍

    are you having a difficult time breathing under your face mask? fortunately I don’t have to wear mine for a long time everyday, but I know how restricting it can feel. if you start feeling anxious of not getting enough oxygen— focus yourself on the exhale first before being concerned about inhaling. think of it as making space for the new oxygen to come. I have worked a lot with people suffering from burnout and breathing trouble (dyspnea) who had to learn to relaxe the diaphragm and deepen the exhalation slowly instead of feeling suffocating through not getting enough air in and being solely concerned about their inhale. release fully when exhaling and slow down your breath.
    if you have a physical workout routine like yoga… that’s perfect!
    regular physical exercise increases the strength and function of your muscles. therefore you will need less oxygen to move and produce less carbon dioxide. this will reduce the amount of air you need.
    in yoga we really learn to control and direct the breath which is a very helpful tool now. if you want to practice at home, start by counting your breath. inhaling and exhaling. slowly start to increase the time you count for each inhale and each exhale. feeling some sort of breath control helps to reduce panic. if you start to extend the count while exhaling this will also help to calm the nerves and make you a little more comfortable under your face mask. 🍃

    sun is out and I am loving it. here in hamburg school holidays started today and my kids are on their way soon with grandma to the northern sea 💙 I also just got thumbs up for my two weekend yoga retreats taking place at the seaside north of germany this august, which makes me even more happy. hopefully the current situation will stay like this or even improve so moving around and traveling will be no problem any more. I definitely will be taking my new horizon suitcase with me this summer. the M5 is a perfect weekender and comes in great colors. if you are currently looking for a new travel companion I have got good news for you: with the code ANNIKA15 you get 15% on any @horiznstudios suitcase.
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    self-knowledge can come only through relationship, not through isolation. relationship is action, and self-knowledge is the result of awareness in action.
    📷 @mia_takahara

    core work connects us with our ability to feel. it creates a connection to an inborn intelligence and security system which tells us when we are in the right place. it’s a very helpful assist to our practice, especially when we go into challenging poses, guiding us to not overwork in them or even get hurt. also in life a strong core guides us to stay in the right place, where we feel centered, with the ability to take decisions connected to our core being and not allowing others to mistreat us in any way. I love to start my practice with a set of core exercises to deepen the connection to my center and what feels true to me. 💛
    (you can find inspiration on core work with me on @yogaeasygermany)

    if you know me, you might already know that I am a huge interior design and decorating fan. so there is no coincidence that Holly from @decor8 showed up in my life four years ago. funny detail that she is an american living in my birth town Hannover. I love seeing her stories and posts about my city, showing how it evolved and became all beautiful with interesting spots since I left there in 1996. Holly breathes interior design. she wrote many books about it, has her own magazin @hollymagazin with @gruner.und.jahr and an inspiring iTunes Podcast called HELLO HOLLY. so if you are currently on the look for some great inspiration please check it out! I am also one of her guests in the first episode of this year talking about mindfulness in your home. fantastic subject— but all I remember about our recording is that we had huge fun and were laughing a lot. she is a sparkling personality- please go check it out and enjoy 💫
    Here is the link: https://podcasts.apple.com/de/podcast/hello-holly-the-podcast-about-interior-trends-and-friends/id1480930358

    "when we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too."
    [Paulo Coelho]